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The softer side of renovations

September 4, 2012

Last week it was a sink, this week it’s a headboard. I’m in trouble with our apartment again for the large delivery. As I type looking into my bedroom I feel like such a grown-up, I have a tweed headboard. I have arrived.

I’ve been focusing on some less serious non-dirty, non-sweaty things the last day or so. We drove around looking at house colors and numbers and found a few inspirations for exterior paint.

One thing I’m aware of is the historical context of the things we decide to do to the house. In D.C. if you have a transom the¬†proper¬†way to do your house number is like this– especially if your home is from the early 20th century. I cringe when I see people mounting numbers on brick– but that’s just cause I’m weird.

This was done by a local artist named Jude who painted the transoms above Truxton Row. We’ll be calling him.

Or you can go with something more pre-fab and visit The House Number lab. Very nice options on their website too.

Like this color for exterior paint.

Liking the blue with the creme, and maybe a red door?

Liking this too with a lighter roof.

And because I love these two items I recently got and I wanted to share:

My friend got me these amazingly beautiful “S” linen drink napkins. I adore the color and the linen.

I watched a couple of episodes of the Fabulous Beekman Boys and sort of love it. So when their goat milk soap went on sale on last week I just had to have them. They smell amazing and I want to visit their farm/mansion this fall.

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